Are You an Early Bird?

How rude. I didn’t even introduce myself.

I’ve been working in the HR/Staffing & Recruitment industry for five short years. My career began when I was promoted from a “Public Area Attendant” (euphemism for scrubber of toilets & cleaner of dust bunnies every Saturday at 6 AM) to the Human Resources Assistant at a local conference center. After graduation, I took a position at a recruitment company because I thought the lobby looked cool and wanted to be important enough to wear a suit and high heels. At my first recruiter meeting, I wondered what the heck “recks” were and listened to a confusing conversation. Whether I was figuring out how to refill the paper towel dispenser (it’s trickier than you think) or organizing “personal” files (as I called them until corrected), I began with little to no knowledge or skills but eventually became successful and passionate within that particular role.

Being Miss Early Bird means having the guts to try something new, putting in the extra effort to learn more and preparing for the next move. My goal is to inspire this early-bird-style in others.

To Candidates: Update your LinkedIn profile with your most recent experience. Follow the employers that interest you. Learn recruiters’ sourcing techniques and make sure contacting you is simple and reliable.

To Employees: Continue to gain skills that will make you efficient & indispensible. Make connections with co-workers and business partners. Utilize social networks to maintain & expand your network for future opportunities within your current company or for a career change.

To Employers: Listen to what consumers and employees are saying about you on Inspire your own employees to be brand ambassadors. Utilize social media channels to spark conversation and find quality candidates.

This is a shout out from one early bird to another (and to all aspiring early birds too!).

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