Top Three Concerns of My Post Being Featured on (Unresolved)

Over the weekend, I held a round table discussion with myself and my ego regarding what transpired last week. Let’s review the chain of events:

While my ego dreams of blogosphere stardom, my true self only has concerns:

  • No subsequent posts of mine will evoke an equal response from community members and certainly not elicit attention from people I admire (i.e. Trish McFarlane, Kris Dunn, Susan Strayer)
  • I will be much less productive at home and at work due to the constant urge to Google myself.
  • The message and conversation regarding recruiters using Twitter has already been forgotten.

When I started managing our Twitter account, I enjoyed experimenting but did not expect results in terms of our recruitment process. When I took over LinkedIn & Facebook, I loved starting these thoughtful discussions and posting stimulating articles but was often discouraged when there was no response. After hearing Jessica Lee speak at ERE’s #SocialRecruiting Summit in New York, I became a believer in the impact of social media & social recruiting. I returned to work with renewed hope and more focus on strategic initiatives to gain traction in the social media space. I started blogging while hoping to infect others with my enthusiasm. Only eight posts later, I actually experienced what I’ve been reading, hearing and teaching about over the past year as a student and advocate of social media.

Thanks for commenting, tweeting, retweeting, posting, tagging, following and liking. More posts to come on Recruitalicious & Miss Early Bird.

Hey Early Bird, Tell Us What You Think.

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