Make Your Own Rules

On the car ride home from seeing Sex and the City 2, I decided two things:

  • I will commit to a more rigorous exercise routine.
  • I will make my own rules in terms of my career, love and life.

These decisions were inspired by Carrie Bradshaw’s unbelievably toned bod and her thorough commitment to be herself.  Even though men and women stared and judged, Carrie walked confidently towards the Abu Dhabi market in a bright purple, poofy skirt. Throughout the movie, she questions society’s standards regarding love and relationships. Although she was tested and almost gave in to peer pressure, she continued to follow the not-so-popular rules she decided to live by, because they were right for her.

When you’re a movie start or an invented character, making your own rules is easy. Even more inspiring are real life examples of candidates, companies and entrepreneurs making their own rules in their careers and business.

  • KODA, an online community for entry-level candidates and employers to interact, provides “untraditional” advice to candidates in their blog posts and I’m pretty sure their mascot is a mermaid.
  • In this blog post, The Virgin Suicides, an academically accomplished and sought-after candidate, affirms that her biggest accomplishment has nothing to do with grades or internships.
  • Jonathan Mead encourages others to “live on their own terms” on his Illuminated Mind blog and also wrote an e-book called The Zero Hour Workweek.
  • While other people complain about the little unpleasant points of life, Neil Pasricha started a blog project that would capture the tiniest, best parts of life. Then, he became the author of 1000 Awesome Things.

From Carrie Bradshaw to little ol’ me, I hope more individuals will make an effort to find their niche, think their own thoughts versus absorbing others’ ideas and invent their own definition of success.

Know other people who truly make their own rules? Give them some credit by commenting. Do you make your own rules? Give yourself credit by commenting.

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3 thoughts on “Make Your Own Rules

  1. Making your own rules with your career is the best, and it takes some guts. My boyfriend is a full-time engineer that takes 3 months off a year to fish. The first time he did this, he had only be at his job 6 months when he said to his boss “I’m quitting to go fishing.” And his boss said, “Want to work for me when you come back?” Now, he contracts out year-round, except for those three months when he catches us a year supply of salmon and trout. Best job ever.

    I’m loving this post… very inspirational. 🙂

  2. Being in control of your own options is an awesome message. You can’t control what others do and say to you. You can however, control how you act and react. Having my own business allows me to go on field trips. Time that is very valuable to me.
    Follow your own path. Nice blog Miss Early Bird.

  3. Sharon says:

    I have a co-worker who gave up a good paying, corporate job and went back to school to get his teaching degree. For the past 5 years he has happily assumed the position of beloved science teacher and primary care giver for his son.

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