Career Maintenance

Over the weekend, I vacuumed two flights of stairs, cleaned the bathrooms and washed the kitchen floor. I also sat down with my copy of Home Maintenance for Dummies and tried to figure out why my toilet sweats more than a marathon runner. Suggestions would still be appreciated.

As I completed my checklist, I wondered if anyone has ever applied the idea of home maintenance to their career. There are certain tasks that need to be completed in order to maintain the current value of your home. If you neglect these tasks, your home will decline in value and you will not see a return on investment.

Examples of career maintenance include the following:

  • Keeping your resume up-to-date by adding your most recent experience
  • Staying active on LinkedIn and making connections with people you work with
  • Taking inventory of the tasks you complete on a regular basis
  • Asking yourself if you really LIKE what you do. Seriously, do you?
  • Soliciting constructive feedback from your boss and co-workers
  • Continuing to gain new skills and knowledge (i.e. learn HTML, take a tutorial of a Microsoft Office product)

Career maintenance is about staying competitive in the current labor market by improving and demonstrating your abilities. After all the work is done, you can stand at the curb and congratulate yourself on a job well done. In addition to daily frustration and boredom, someone who does not take the steps to maintain their career will have as much difficulty obtaining a promotion or future career prospects as they will selling a house that has been neglected, season after season.

After you complete your household chores this weekend, I recommend starting on your career checklist:

What are you doing to take care of your career? What should be added to the checklist?

2 thoughts on “Career Maintenance

  1. Ali, the idea of doing career maintenance coming from trying to figure out why your toilet sweats is hilarious. I have an analogy I like that I’ll try out here for size … I think figuring out what you want to do careerwise is a lot like deciding who to marry. You usually need to make some mistakes before you know what you don’t like and what you really do like. Make sense? Or should I go back to getting my house in order?

    • Judy,

      Thanks for commenting! You are so right. Mistakes teach us A LOT, what we like, what we don’t like, what we can handle and what we cannot. I’ll try to tackle that topic with an upcoming blog post…. Until then, yes, go get your house in order! 🙂


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