An Early-Bird-Kind-of Company: Life Productions, Inc.

Tami Sweeney and I struck up a conversation about social media at a Brewer’s tailgate. I told her about my year long adventure as community manager of social media recruiting for my client. In response, she shared her rather traumatic story of breaking Facebook etiquette rules in front of her mortified daughter. She said to me, “Ali, I need your help with my business.”

Tami is the owner of Life Productions, a video production firm that specializes in marketing videos for businesses, schools and non-profit organizations. With business partner, Louise Berg, the firm showcases their portfolio on YouTube and receives numerous recommendations from former and current clients on LinkedIn. After reviewing this Milwaukee, Wisconsin based company’s social media presence, I responded “Tami, you don’t need me for anything.”

Other organizations can learn from Life Productions’ example:

  • When you visit Life Productions’ home page, you’ll notice that the bottom tab includes links to Life Productions’ Faceboook Page and YouTube channel. A company can drive traffic from their main site to their social media sites by making this quick change to their home page.
  • In terms of the quality content being posted and the responses of the visitors, their Facebook page is a stellar example of how to market your company on Facebook.
  • When you click their About Us page, you’ll notice that you can connect with Tami and Louise by following them on Twitter. This enables site visitors to connect with either business partner directly.

Of course, every company can improve their social media presence too. Here are few tips for Life Productions and others:

  • Consistency of posts on Facebook page.  Try posting once a day. After you get the hang of it, you can increase your frequency and increase your network at the same time. For additional tips, read Five Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Fan Page from Blogging4Jobs.
  • More activity on Twitter. Tami has been a bit apprehensive in the Twittersphere, ever since a spam scare that forced her to change her handle to @thetruetami. Think Twitter is a scary place? Perhaps this will alleviate your fears.
  • Create a company group on LinkedIn. When you are a start-up company or smaller organization, you will need to take your own steps to Add Your Company Profile to LinkedIn’s directory.

With Tami’s enthusiasm for social media and Life Productions’ impressive video portfolio featuring reputable organizations, this company fits into the social media space and will continue to gain momentum through these channels.

Do you have more tips for companies utilizing social media to market their products and services? Share them as a comment here.

3 thoughts on “An Early-Bird-Kind-of Company: Life Productions, Inc.

    • Tami,
      Glad you’re trying to add your company on LinkedIn. Actually, that seems like a question for LinkedIn. You can submit a support request, using this form. They also provide support on Twitter. Try the request through both mediums and let me know which one is faster. I’m curious!


      • P.S. Louise just thanked me for the post by sending an email. I saw that Life Productions, Inc. provides links to their social media sites in their email signatures. Another solid idea to drive traffic. Bonus points.

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