An Early-Bird-Kind-of Blog: Women of HR

Women of HR. Just the name itself sounds so empowering. Women. They’re cool. Human Resources. Yep, pretty cool too. So as I review the posts, the comments and the list of contributors, I realize that this is a seriously cool community of ladies annnnd gentlemen.

The post topics vary from exploring gender stereotypes, to important HR issues to stories of self-discovery. I am most inspired by the courage of writers who outline a heavy topic or share a personal incident. But within this community, there is no fear of crickets because there is always more than one comment. These comments are thoughtful and encouraging, often expanding on the point of the writer. There is also no fear of ridicule because the individuals can honestly & respectfully agree or disagree with one another.

I never would have been able to articulate these fabulous traits of the Women of HR community without experiencing the gratitude and support of these folks first hand. On October 13th, Perceptions of Ladies in High Heels was posted & I was overwhelmed with all the valuable, hopeful and entertaining comments.

Want to join the Women of HR conversation? Here are some of the posts & writers that have been motivating others and provoking discussion over the past few months.

  • In the first ever post on Women of HR, Shauna Moerke encourages people to Be Subversive and explains that “Subversion isn’t about rebelling for rebellions sake, it’s about having the awareness to know the status quo sucks and doing something about it.”
  • Trish McFarlane wonders if the traditional women still exists and ignites comments about “wanting it all” in her post, I Am Not a Traditional Woman.
  • To be sassy or not to be sassy? Franny Oxford explains her view in Don’t Be Sassy.
  • In Don’t Give In To Stereotypes, Shaun Emerson learns from a discussion with his wife and wonders why challenges for women still exist in the workplace.
  • Is your Life Out of Balance? Sophie Lemieux asks her readers, do we want too much?

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