Happy Blogoversary to Me

Yes, blogoversary is actually a word. I’m fairly certain that I’m using it in the proper context.

On January 6th, 2010, my first blog post was published on Recruitalicious. That’s when my love affair with writing and imagined stardom began…  Since launching Miss Early Bird in April, I’ve managed to write (at least) one post per month for the last year. Although I promised to focus on “careers and social media” I trended towards the “thought-provoking” (I hope) and embarrassingly personal.  By fall, I was so addicted to seeing my name in print that I submitted a post to Women of HR.

So THANK YOU for reading, liking, commenting, retweeting, and sharing. As cheers to the fabulous year ahead of us, I thought you’d like to take a look at the slightly less-fabulous year behind us. Enjoy!

January 6 =>  Your Mother Added You as a Friend on Facebook
February 12 => Thou Shalt Not Twudge
March 5 => Words of Wisdom from the Talent Acquisition Summit
March 19 => #recruitcamp theme song
April 19 => The “News”
May 18 => Are You an Early Bird?
May 19 => Who Else is a #SocialRecruiting Summer Stalker?
June 1 => Top Three Concerns of Recruiters Using Twitter (Resolved)
June 7 => Top Three Concerns of My Post Being Featured on RecruitingBlogs.com (Unresolved)
June 10 => Five Free Tools for Recruiters Using Twitter
June 29 => Make Your Own Rules
July 7 => A Training Extravaganze for Recruiters Using Twitter
July 13 => Career Maintenance
August 2 => An Early-Bird-Kind-of Company: Life Productions, Inc.
September 29 => Comic Relief: Preparing For Your Driveway Installation
October 7 => My Reason for Writing (And Not Writing)
October 13 => Perceptions of Ladies in High Heels
October 25 => An Early-Bird-Kind-of Blog: Women of HR
November 3 => Blogs, Blogging & Bloggers
December 23 => Make Your Own Rules (Again)

Hey Early Bird, Tell Us What You Think.

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