Cry If You Want To, Cry If You Want To

If you ask me the last time I cried (at any point in time), I will probably say yesterday or the day before yesterday. I’ll round down my average cries per year to every other day. I think crying gets a bad rep as a result of runny make up, swollen and red eyes. Crying may take a physical toll on your face, but it’s great for the soul. It’s okay to cry…

When Babies Are Born

I watch TLC’s A Baby Story. I am fascinated by couples who decide to have children together, yet alone those that let a camera crew follow them into the delivery room. When I see that blue little creature, cord still connected with all the goo on him, my tears are flowing for the next seven minutes until the end of the show. I’ve never seen a live birth, but if I did I think I might be screaming instead of crying.

When Moms Cry

If my mom started crying about a crooked rug in her living room, I would cry. If you love your mother, you would cry too.

When People Get Engaged

I cried during The Office when Michael proposed to Holly. I cry during the last episode of the Bachelor every season, even though I know they’ll be broken up before After the Final Rose airs. On the other hand, I’ve never seen a live engagement and do not cry if a couple tells me their story. Perhaps this is because “real” engagements lack proper lighting and a script?

When Old People Love Each Other

There’s a lot of sitting, standing, kneeling in church. Every time it was time to stand up, this man would take his wife’s hand and guide her up so that she could hang onto the pew in front of her. He would hold her left hand the entire time they were standing up.  He was so patient with and protective of this four-foot tall, white haired woman. New love makes me blush but old love makes me cry.

When a Man Cries

When a see a tear roll down an otherwise unemotional and stoic man’s cheek, I can’t help but cry too. He does feel something! I would pay to see Mike Holmes cry on camera. I have seen a man crying live. It’s quite the skeptical.

3 thoughts on “Cry If You Want To, Cry If You Want To

  1. Jenna Mc says:

    Is it ok to tear up during the national anthem and when I’m buying cards for Mother’s Day or Father’s day?

  2. During parades when the flag goes past and everyone stands, it chokes me up. Seeing the older veterans walk past in uniforms does it to me, too. I cried thru most of the movie Sister Act! If you’ve seen it, you know it’s not an overly emotional movie, but the church hymns got me, and there’s a lot of them in there! I also used to blubber thru the Cotton commercials… and the sentimentality is only getting worse the older I get. I’d say it must run in the family, but we know that’s not exactly possible. 🙂

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