Fourth Time’s a Charm

As you know, I’m an expert towel folder and locker distributer at the Wisconsin Athletic Club. While these are both highly sought after skills, I think that Professional Fitness Instructor would look a lot sweeter on my LinkedIn profile.

Shortly after I conjured up this idea, a class for Personal Trainers started. Here’s what happened:

  • I signed up.
  • I went to the first class.
  • I didn’t do my assigned homework so I ditched the second class.

Round Two: A class for Yoga Instructors started.

  • I signed up.
  • I missed the first class.
  • I begged the leader to let me attend the second class.
  • I was intimidated by the expertise of the instructor and other participants and did not make it to the third class.

Round Three: A class for Yoga and Zumba Fitness Instructors started. I was banned from Zumba due to lack of coordination and rhythm, so I went for Yoga again.

  • I went to the first class.
  • I did my homework.
  • I went to the second class.
  • I even did my homework and went to my third class.
  • On the night of the fourth class, my family dog was put to sleep. I did not have the emotional energy to attend class anymore.

On the day I write the training sessions on my calendar, the goal of being a fitness instructor is bright and hopeful in my mind. When the day arrives to act, my vision of actually achieving the goal becomes clouded by my current mood, which determines (and often lessens) my amount of motivation, ambition and excitement. The decisions I made were based on momentary emotions (i.e. I don’t feel like studying right now, I feel insecure right now, I feel like crying right now) instead of a focus on the overall goal.

Round Four begins on Tuesday, September 13th.  I want to be a Pilates Instructor. I will break down the big stuff, remember to be a dream-fighter, and announce my commitment to follow through on my personal blog.

Ask me how my class is going. Tell me you’ll come to my class after I’m done with training. And please toilet paper my house if I give up.

4 thoughts on “Fourth Time’s a Charm

  1. Mary says:

    Please do not toilet paper the house ! = )

    Ali – I would love for you to be a pilates instructor – chase those dreams!

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