Another New Year’s Resolution?

Week One 2011 Along with the other resolutioners, I was excited about a lifestyle change that would make 2011 the best year yet. I firmly stated: I, Ali Webster, will not be stressed at work.

Week Two 2011 Resolutioners were boasting about thirty-minute workouts, healthy dinners and no confrontations with their spouse for 14 days straight. I was holding strong too as I upheld my resolution: I, Ali Webster, am not stressed at work.

Week Three 2011 The gym was empty while frozen pizza sales and cases of domestic violence increased. I also hung my head in defeat: I, Ali Webster, am totally stressed at work.

Reflecting on my already-out-the-window resolution, I wondered how I expected myself not to become stressed at work for an entire year. On the walk between my car and the office building, I decided, Today I will not be stressed at work. With this mantra in mind, 365 mountainous days were simplified into one grain-of-salt day so that I could maintain my perspective, focus, and a normal blood pressure for eight whole hours.

In 2012, forget about a new year’s resolution. A year is too long to contemplate and too long to wait to start again. Make a new day’s resolution. Wake up in the morning and go to the gym or kiss the person sleeping next to you. You have already achieved your new day’s resolution. On the mornings that you cannot tolerate the Stairmaster or the snoring person in your bed, you have the chance to try again so soon: Tomorrow.

“Each day holds a new hope for a new plan. Making the start of each new day the start of a new life.” – Gina Blair

Since I have been well conditioned by society to create a new year’s resolution, I decided on one, which I then cut down into a New Day’s Resolution.

My New Year’s resolution: I will write 24 blog posts. That’s two per month. Boo yah.
My New Day’s resolution: I will write one blog post. Write now.

So, what is your new day’s resolution? Post it below. This blog is magical. When you post that you’re going to do something, this vague sense of commitment forces you to keep going and stay true to the literal writings on the wall.

6 thoughts on “Another New Year’s Resolution?

  1. My first new day’s resolution was to go to yoga (check! did that at 6:30 AM).

    And my second new day’s resolution is to carry that yoga with me through the day. That calm, that steadiness, that focus, that ability to take a breath and feel it woosh from my mouth to my toes — I think that’s a good resolution for the day. Just to take deep breaths whenever I can.

    I think sometimes we loose ourselves in the big goals that are so weighty, so costly, so burdensome. I like resolutions that get to the root of things. Simple things like deep breaths that make room in ourselves to achieve those big goals.

    • Lauren, your comment reminded me that sometimes a day is too long too! Sometimes, I have to break it down even farther and say, I will not be stressed while I take one inhale and exhale. For one breath, one moment, I will not be stressed. That’s a resolution too.

  2. Ryan Webster says:

    Today I will not have negative thoughts in response to physical pain. And I will go to my first zumba class. Happy New Day Miss Early Bird!

  3. Kelly Wasserburger says:

    Great words to live by, Miss Early Bird! I always appreciate your perspective. My New Day Resolution: enjoy my children and not worry about the mess…

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