Confession: I Like Country Music

When I started listening to country last summer, I would actually roll up the windows in my car. With some prodding and persistence from my country-music-listening boyfriend and former roommate, I started singing along and put FM 106.1 on my presets. Now, I sing an off-key version of Chicken Fried at a stop light while a man on a motorcyle watches. Yes, I like country music.

Even if the twang and the southern accent makes you wish for permanent ear plugs, I hope you are able appreciate the messages within the songs below.

If you’re an avid or almost country fan, post one of your favorite songs below. If you’re not a fan, go ahead and hate on me in the comments section and give me a better topic to write about. Later, y’all.

3 thoughts on “Confession: I Like Country Music

  1. MHS says:

    Greatest post ever ! I am glad you are now a country fan = ) You are so lucky to have a boyfriend and former roommate who could turn you on to the greatest music around.

    SEE YA at Zac Brown Band with your cowboy hat !

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