Miss Early Bird Freshens Up

I love writing. I love writing so much that tiny tears of happiness often splash on my MacBook keyboard while I type. Writing grants me a similar satisfaction as my New Part Time “Work”, except after many hours of redesigning this blog and putting together some new content, there was no direct deposit into my checking account.

As a faithful blog reader, I thought you would be interested in reading through the changes below and then admiring them at your leisure:

  • More MEB-like tagline: Waking up and arriving early so that I can get back home, write this blog post and be asleep by 8 PM.
  • Updated Are You an Early Bird? page
  • Less pictures
  • Easier for you to comment on any post. You can’t ignore the LEAVE A COMMENT under the posted date.
  • More convenient for you to go down MEB memory lane with the categories listed on the left hand side of every post.
  • More options for sharing each post (hint, hint)

Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing the Miss Early Bird blog. Stay tuned for more interesting posts than this one!

2 thoughts on “Miss Early Bird Freshens Up

  1. Ryan says:

    I’m very happy with this new design Miss Early Bird. The ease of use, the organization – surfing your blog is like a gentle stroll through the park.

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