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  1. Find three or four wall shelves (Only 99 cents to $3 at Goodwill)
  2. Paint all shelves the same color or stain
  3. Purchase plants of your choice from your local garden center ($3 to $5)
  4. Plants pots in same size metal pails (1$ at Target) or pots
  5. Cover soil with indoor plant pebbles (small bag for $7 at Home Depot)
  6. Hang shelves on wall
  7. Place potted plants on shelves as desired

For the past few years, I’ve stared at mostly blank walls and wondered what I could possibly enjoy looking at for an extended period of time. The idea above entered my busy brain only after much consideration and the creation of a Home Decorating Philosophy. The cornerstone of this credo is a true appreciation of an item nailed to a wall or sitting on a shelf by incorporating at least one of the following four elements:

1. Real plants. They are good for you. Say hi to them when you enter their room.

2. Functionality. For example, you will never see an oversized gold ampersand from Pier One sitting on my coffee table.

3. Recycling. I’ve turned an old purse, pillowcase and a picture frame into an original art piece. If any notoriety went along with my name, I’d sell it on ebay.

4. Thriftiness. My cheapness transfers over to all aspects of my life. I dig into clearance sections and, if socially acceptable, I would dig through my neighbor’s curb pile too.

What is your Home Decorating Philosophy? What do you believe in and do those beliefs flourish in your living space?

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