By the Way, We’re Engaged

My boyfriend and I got engaged nine days ago. Let me predict and field all of your questions right away.

  • We don’t know the wedding date yet.
  • We would like to wait at least five minutes to have babies.
  • The ring is the bomb-dot-com. Not that you have to ask, since you zoomed in on the ring before you saw the man who proposed.
  • This blog will not change to Mrs. Early Bird. That does not sound as cool and my coolness is very important to me.

This engagement experience has led me to document these logistical, vague details for future reference and also make a few logical conclusions.

1) This blog is magical.

Is it coincidental that he proposed 28 days after I finished writing By the Way, I’m in Love? No. These writings on the wall assist the universe, perpetuate events and make fantasies a reality. Is there a chance that he had the ring and was orchestrating the grandest of gestures way before I put together 272 words certifying my crazyinloveness? Perhaps. Is this blog magical? For sure.

2) Getting engaged is way more exciting because of Facebook.

Unbeknownst to me back in March, my birthday was not The Most Exciting Day of the Year on Facebook. With a record number of Likes and Comments, people actually mustered more enthusiasm for this engagement than for celebrating the fact that I am still alive this year. Please share equal excitement on November 22nd 2013, when my boyfriend fiancé and I reach a momentous and meaningful milestone within any healthy relationship: our Facebook Friendship Anniversary.

3) Life is full of surprises.

I should stop being surprised by surprises and start being surprised when something happens exactly as planned. I was anticipating the flight across the country, skipping towards the Love of My Life at the airport, and giggling on the looooong road trip back to Wisconsin. I did not and could not know that he was terribly nervous that morning, that I would say Okay instead of Yes and that he brought champagne. I made plans to be happy. He planned to make me happier.

3 thoughts on “By the Way, We’re Engaged

  1. Allison says:

    – We don’t know the wedding date yet.
    – We would like to wait at least five minutes to have babies.

    More happiness over the horizon…because being engaged is amazing & happy….but being newlyweds is REALLY the bomb-dot-com. OKAY?

    I knew I always liked that Eric Aspenson….(or as my dad says, “that guy from Onalaska? oh yeah, he’s a keeper”)

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