Thanks for a Solid Year

2012. What a solid year.

I discovered my favorite extracurricular activity (Pilates) and a source of instant, endless endorphins (Zumba). I also Got Engaged and started a new job (which I still haven’t written about).

I will take this sentimental moment to say “thank you” to the readers who have humored me in the comments section of 19 posts and those who have supported me in real life, through yet another 365 days of attempting to be a grown up.

The stats helper monkeys personally prepared a 2012 annual report for Miss Early Bird. Mostly, the report looks pretty cool and there is a seriously cute picture of my puppy featured. You may be interested in the actual statistics and information as well. You can click here to see the complete report.

Thank God the Mayans were misled with their end of the world prediction. Looking forward to 2013.

5 thoughts on “Thanks for a Solid Year

  1. swebster1030 says:

    Wow, interesting stats. How did you get all of those viewers in India? Happy New Year, Miss Early Bird! Looking forward to your posts for 2013.

  2. Patti Balzer says:

    Happy New Year, Miss Earlybird. I know I am looking forward to 2013 and your insights. Thank you for sharing! I would like to suggest that you start planning for a trip around the world. From the looks of that map, you could stay with your fans in countries on every continent (except Antartica – which is too cold anyway).

  3. swebster1030 says:

    Thanks – I accept your award as the #1 most active follower. Thanks for entertaining me; I look forward to next year. The report is quite interesting. I think mom might have been checking out MEB on her trip to Uganda last summer.

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