An Ideal Day

I often imagine a day during which I can leisurely pursue my interests, without too many obligations and with time to spare. Don’t you? I’m working towards having more of these days and, once again, will rely on my faithful blog readers to hold me accountable. If you are short on time today, the list below can be summarized into one sentence: Wake up and do whateva I want. (Author’s Note: I am an English major. Whatever is spelled as “whateva” for the sake of emphasis.)

  • Wake up.
  • Read in bed for a while. Fiancé brings me coffee.
  • Run three miles and go to Yoga.
  • Teach Pilates.
  • Get ready for the day.
  • Run a few errands.
  • Meet someone for lunch.
  • Take Mack to the dog park.
  • Work on my latest blog post.
  • Watch Brian Williams.
  • Have dinner with the Love of My Life.
  • Call a friend or family member.
  • Wash my face.
  • Go to bed.

What would you do during your ideal day? The sky is not the limit, my friends. For those of you with less rigorous sleep schedules than mine, I’m expecting to hear about some fun, nighttime shenanigans. Have at it in the comment section below.

3 thoughts on “An Ideal Day

  1. Kelly says:

    I love this.
    You are actually quite ambitious in your “whateva I want!” My ideal schedule is on an every other day rotation… Here you go:
    Mondays & Wednesdays: Drop the little boys at daycare and come home to put Connor on the bus. Go for a run. Drink coffee and consider who I will inspire that day. Inspire them. Meet MEB for lunch, volunteer for C’s classroom, run an errand, pick up my boys, dinner and bedtime with my family that I can actually relish rather than hurry through.
    Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: Little boys and I walk C to bus stop. Drop K at preschool, take F to music class. Inspire people. Pick up K. Play at the park. Naps and more inspiring people. Be the first person C sees when he gets off the bus. Dinner. Books & Bedtime.

    Proposed start date: September 2, 2014. See you then. XO

    • Ah, I like your style with the every other day routine. Maybe I should plan something a little “crazier” for Tuesdays and Thursdays… We’ll see. Thanks for playing along and describing your ideal day.

  2. Ted Fetters says:

    If I could combine yesterday and today, I would have the ideal day.
    Bacon and eggs wake-up, always better in bed. Kahlua coffee.
    Talk to big sister and listen to nephews wreak havoc in the background 🙂
    Ski for awhile, even with just one run open and way too many snowboarders constipated and bottlenecked.
    Watch snow fall, packers play, and slow cooker roast.
    Limited night shenanigans, maybe a snickers bar and a glass of whiskey.
    Always ideal when above is shared with love of my life

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