2013 In Review

According to the WordPress.com stats helper monkeys who prepared this 2013 annual report for Miss Early Bird, the year could be summarized by family, living alone while dreaming of being on the Bachelor and zits. According to what actually happened this year, this summary seems rather depressing so I will make a few clarifications here. In true extended-family-style, we sang & cried our way through a funeral and did not let high-altitude inhibit some serious dancing (and maybe a little more crying) at a wedding. The Love of My Life, Mack and Me make up our own little family now and we will “make it official” in 2014. I also started my own business which has become less about zits and more about personal growth and empowering others.

There are people who literally stood beside me during a tough moment this year. And there are people who witnessed and contributed to a tiny moment of triumph. Often, these moments happened at the same time because of your support. Thank you.

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