Fiction Friday: Letter Afire

[You are about to read the first fiction essay of Miss Early Bird’s blogging career, written in response to Writing 101’s fifth challenge: Be Brief. Anticipate more imaginative tales on MEB’s new feature: Fiction Friday.]

Picking up a crinkly loose-leaf sheet, with charred corners, I read. For awhile, you convinced me that what you were doing was okay. Glancing behind me, suspicious and surprised, as if I’d interrupted a couple fighting in their own kitchen. I accepted this as a part of you, Paul. Adjusting my grasp before the brisk autumn wind blew the pages back, I continued. But loving your flaws turned into enabling you. Did she deliver this note? Did he try to burn the evidence of his deception? Now I have to walk away. Their relationship dissolved in my hands. Sincerely, Ann.

[The saga continues. Read Part II: Park Perspective. Read Part III: The Conversation. Read Part IV: The Attic.]

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