How to Be Successful

Once I hit two million views on this post, I answer a phone call from an unknown number for the first time ever and it’s Savannah Guthrie (who is definitely responsible for contacting her interviewees for the Today show). Naturally, I prove equally charismatic in person as I am in writing during my 7:10 AM spot when I am “surprised” with a book deal. I fly back to Wisconsin, spend the rest of my days reading in my overstuffed chair and writing at my vintage desk from West Elm, wearing some on-trend, dorky glasses.

[End of Fantasy. Cue Reality.]

When my subconscious finds enough meandering ideas to create a coherent essay, my body is pulled into Microsoft Word or to my mechanical pencil without knowing the end result. I write. And re-write. And fine-tune every doggone sentence until the words are permanent on the page. When I embrace the patient and thorough creative force within, I’ve already succeeded by the time I click Publish.

Thanks to Blogging 201: Branding and Growth for encouraging bloggers to Set Goals and Define Success.

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