Fiction Friday: The Attic

[This is the fourth and final part of a fiction piece inspired by Writing 101’s prompt: Serial Killer III. You should definitely read Part I: Letter AfirePart II: Park Perspective and Part III: The Conversation before reading this ending. With only 100 words in each section, it won’t take too long for you to catch up!]

Sun radiates heat through the black roof shingles into the attic. Organizing a heap of yellowed papers, I uncover the email to my brother and Ann’s letter. Our grand finale, neatly paper-clipped like a bank statement. I was not ashamed of feeling whole, not aching for children to feel fulfilled, until I met Ann. Too guilty to tell her, I told my brother instead. She said withholding is unforgiveable. So is living a lie. This attic feels suddenly stifling. I rush down. Gulping fresh, outside air. Chester watches as I guide the flame of the Zippo towards the pages’ corners.

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