Twenty Minute Musing

WordPress hosted an online course titled Writing 101: Building a Blogging Habit. This post was written a few days ago and is now being posted as a response to the day one challenge: Unlock the Mind.

I’m going to write for twenty minutes and I am going to stop. WordPress told me that I need to publish this mess after I write it and, instantly, I am petrified. I do not write a blog post in a few minutes or a few hours. The process of writing goes on for days or even months for me. I have “draft” blog posts in my queue from years ago. I could go back and work on them if I am so inspired. So I am asked to unlock the mind and just write.

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A Good Party

To me, a good party is a gathering of close friends and/or family because too many people that I don’t know make me nervous. Have a few drinks and chat. Later on in the evening, my friend and I create our own impromptu dance floor in whatever square footage of space we can successfully do-si-do. The three essential factors of dim lighting, Bacardi & Diet and other’s inebriation must be present for me to transform into The Dancing Queen.

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Pinterest This

  1. Find three or four wall shelves (Only 99 cents to $3 at Goodwill)
  2. Paint all shelves the same color or stain
  3. Purchase plants of your choice from your local garden center ($3 to $5)
  4. Plants pots in same size metal pails (1$ at Target) or pots
  5. Cover soil with indoor plant pebbles (small bag for $7 at Home Depot)
  6. Hang shelves on wall
  7. Place potted plants on shelves as desired

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Olympic Dreams

I’m not the only person sacrificing sleep, neglecting the dog and the dishes to watch as many minutes of the 2012 Summer Olympics as possible. As I watch the triumphs and tragedies of each competitor, a glimmer of hope sparkles in the corner of my teary eye. I’ve begun to believe that I can go to Rio de Janeiro in 2016. Although these Olympic dreams are as realistic as Being on the Bachelor, I’d still like to explore some potential options.

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Six Muscles of Home Ownership

(1)  Financial

While some may say that I do not flex my financial muscles at all i.e. I am cheap, I believe my financial muscles have been getting a work out since I read Suze Orman’s Money Book for the Young, Broke & Fabulous. Her financial tips lead me to the brink of hyperventilation as I wrote the down-payment check towards a house shortly after my 24th birthday. Financial muscles do not grow by making more money. Financial muscles become toned and nicely proportionate with the rest of your muscles as you learn to stretch one dollar farther, learn about money, live within your budget, and start to feel rich.

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Miss Early Bird Freshens Up

I love writing. I love writing so much that tiny tears of happiness often splash on my MacBook keyboard while I type. Writing grants me a similar satisfaction as my New Part Time “Work”, except after many hours of redesigning this blog and putting together some new content, there was no direct deposit into my checking account.

As a faithful blog reader, I thought you would be interested in reading through the changes below and then admiring them at your leisure:

  • More MEB-like tagline: Waking up and arriving early so that I can get back home, write this blog post and be asleep by 8 PM.
  • Updated Are You an Early Bird? page
  • Less pictures
  • Easier for you to comment on any post. You can’t ignore the LEAVE A COMMENT under the posted date.
  • More convenient for you to go down MEB memory lane with the categories listed on the left hand side of every post.
  • More options for sharing each post (hint, hint)

Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing the Miss Early Bird blog. Stay tuned for more interesting posts than this one!

Full-Time Work Too

In my dreams and on this blog, it appears as though all I do is work three hours a week, walk my dog, hang out with my nephew, take care of the house and watch reality television.

In reality, I have a full-time job at a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) company called Pinstripe. I provide technical support for and hold training sessions with recruiters throughout the world to hire over a thousand people per year. When I’m not helping a recruiter, I’m devising a plan to accelerate our social media strategy or pulling reports from the applicant tracking system. My new title is Global Staffing Coordinator, but if you ask for the Queen of the Recruitment Process you’ll reach my desk as well.

At Pinstripe, we’re always hiring. We have a contest to win an iPad2 to celebrate social media day (today!). We encourage our employees to showcase their recruitment talents by posting on the Pinstripe blog, Recruitalicious. I started sharing my wisdom (or lack thereof) on the Recruitalicious blog in January 2010. For the next few weeks, you’ll see some of these old school posts right here on Miss Early Bird. Pinstripe is migrating all the blog content to another site, so my precious posts will be lost forever unless I re-post them here.

Get ready for stories about engaging with candidates in the social media space, some professional blunders and my stint of being slightly obsessed with Twitter.

Career Maintenance

Over the weekend, I vacuumed two flights of stairs, cleaned the bathrooms and washed the kitchen floor. I also sat down with my copy of Home Maintenance for Dummies and tried to figure out why my toilet sweats more than a marathon runner. Suggestions would still be appreciated.

As I completed my checklist, I wondered if anyone has ever applied the idea of home maintenance to their career. There are certain tasks that need to be completed in order to maintain the current value of your home. If you neglect these tasks, your home will decline in value and you will not see a return on investment.

Examples of career maintenance include the following:

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The “News”

Confession #1: I don’t watch the local news or make routine visits to  I’ve learned that I can choose what information to take in and what to block out.  Instead of the media dictating what I know, I actively and efficiently seek out information I’m interested in.

I have searches saved in CoTweet that highlight articles, comments and press releases. When events, such as ERE’s Social Recruiting Summit tomorrow, I’ll save a search for that hashtag and check in on the feed every once and awhile.

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