On the Edge of Thirty

IMG_2442I’m turning 29 next week. I might as well be thirty, since it’s the same thing. After you are twenty-five, you are basically thirty.

I find new gray hairs while examining a pimple. This doesn’t seem quite fair, but it is ironic in an Alanis Morissette kind of way.

I’m done with friendship and relationship drama. If you’re interested in getting mad or arguing over pettiness, I’m not interested in being around you.

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Words of Wisdom from the Talent Acquisition Summit

This post was originally published in June 2010 on the Pinstripe Recruitalicious blog.

Last week, I drove all the way from Lombardy Road to good ol’ Lombard, Illinois for the Chicago Talent Acquisition Summit.  Though I’d prefer to withhold this useful information & remain more knowledgeable than the rest, my experience dictates that I share my words of wisdom (or lack thereof).

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Lessons from a Three-Year-Old

1. Use Nice Words

Connor will keep talking through an entire meal, whether the adults are listening or not. My sister told a story during dinner and I responded with my reaction. As I was talking, my sister’s and brother-in-law’s eyes widen & they tried to conceal their smiles. I wondered what I missed until Connor declared, “Bad word, Al.” I realized that I used the word “stupid.” Connor continued to scold me, “That’s bad behavior, Al.”

While my bad-word-barometer might be more lenient than Connor’s, I have to say that most curse words sound bad (and taste a little icky), whether they come from a well-behaved three-year-old or an oblivious twenty-four-year-old aunt.

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Career Maintenance

Over the weekend, I vacuumed two flights of stairs, cleaned the bathrooms and washed the kitchen floor. I also sat down with my copy of Home Maintenance for Dummies and tried to figure out why my toilet sweats more than a marathon runner. Suggestions would still be appreciated.

As I completed my checklist, I wondered if anyone has ever applied the idea of home maintenance to their career. There are certain tasks that need to be completed in order to maintain the current value of your home. If you neglect these tasks, your home will decline in value and you will not see a return on investment.

Examples of career maintenance include the following:

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