Miss Early Bird Goes to Class

My inner school girl started firing on all cylinders when Blogging 101 requested that I make this blog’s about page “Irresistible”. After dutifully referencing the About Page 101 and About Page 201 tips, I’m submitting this assignment late and anticipating a B+.

Click on Are You an Early Bird? to see the outcome or imagine that you clicked and then keep reading…

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Miss Early Bird Makeover

After publishing 74 posts in almost five years, and “freshening up” in 2012, it is time for a change. This is more like going to the make-up counter at Boston Store than getting plastic surgery, but it is a makeover nonetheless. Miss Early Bird finally entered the 21st century: This site will look pretty on your iPhone or iPad now. The new theme features a right-hand side bar for quick access to the most recent or top read posts. Do you long for yesteryear? You can dig into the archives for any month or year to find some oldies but goodies (like this one). After exploring and deciding that you’d like more MEB in your life, you can sign up for instant email updates when a post is published or follow on WordPress. Credit is due to WordPress’ Blogging 101 course for encouraging me to “try on” different themes to see what fits. More posts to come, happy reading!