4 Variations Of Where To Look While Your Dog Poops That Make You Feel Less Awkward

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Your dog walks faster and starts to circle. You know what’s next. He looks straight ahead, concentrates on his task. Sensing your own unfixed, awkward eyes, you wonder, where am I supposed to look while this is happening? You must decide, so choose wisely.

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Five Reasons My Dog is Too Good for Daycare

If you know my halo-donning eighty pound puppy who greets you at full speed with a nose-inspection of your pant pockets, you are immediately shocked that this lovable creature would be unfairly banned from all franchise locations of Central Bark for the rest of his life. While the specifics of the “incident” that led to his dismissal were never fully disclosed to me, I’ve concluded that an employee’s ineptitude or another dog’s provocation forced Mack to engage in said inappropriate behavior. I also have suspicions revolving around the manager’s efforts to permanently remove a blog post titled, Dogs Hump #Fact, from the World Wide Web once he discovers the author’s identity. Whatever the case may be, Mack is entirely faultless.

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Dogs Hump #Fact

During most of my visits to the dog park, I witness the following chain of events. Two dogs will see, sniff and chase each other. They’ll stop to catch their breath. One dog takes the opportunity to jump on the rear end of the other and thrust a few times. The humping will continue until A1) The owner of the humping dog yells at him to stop or B2) The owner of the humpee pulls the humper off.  The owner of the humper will pull him away from the crowd, scold them, grab his collar and say No! The owner of the humpee will look extremely offended and coddle the violated puppy. (These two owners will also hate the rest of this blog post.)

This will all happen, unless My Dog is the one involved in the little tryst. If he’s doing the humping, I’m cheering him on. If he’s being humped, I’m thinking that he probably deserved it or that he’ll let the other guy know if he’s not enjoying it. The people who know that it’s my dog involved in this salacious act are giving me dirty looks, while the more proactive anti-humpers are already taking names at the scene of the crime.

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Happy Blogoversary to Me

Yes, blogoversary is actually a word. I’m fairly certain that I’m using it in the proper context.

On January 6th, 2010, my first blog post was published on Recruitalicious. That’s when my love affair with writing and imagined stardom began…  Since launching Miss Early Bird in April, I’ve managed to write (at least) one post per month for the last year. Although I promised to focus on “careers and social media” I trended towards the “thought-provoking” (I hope) and embarrassingly personal.  By fall, I was so addicted to seeing my name in print that I submitted a post to Women of HR.

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