Wisconsin Winter Builds Character

At the end of January, I reported to my co-workers that I hadn’t fallen down this winter. Once February hit, I was regretting my bold statement as winter wreaked havoc on my otherwise uneventful, organized little life. I’ve come to accept the following inalienable truths of Wisconsin winter…

You Will Fall Down
I was on my way to a Super Bowl party, with an appetizer, Smirnoff Vodka and a lovely Orange/Mango fruit juice. As I came around the corner, both my legs slipped to the right and the rest of my body fell on the pavement. After a surprised shriek, I heard glass breaking and smelled Vodka piddling on to the pavement. Although I was tempted to lay there until someone offered me a fresh handle, I got up & smiled proudly at the amused bystanders. My father always said, “Don’t cry over spilled vodka.”

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Lessons from a Three-Year-Old

1. Use Nice Words

Connor will keep talking through an entire meal, whether the adults are listening or not. My sister told a story during dinner and I responded with my reaction. As I was talking, my sister’s and brother-in-law’s eyes widen & they tried to conceal their smiles. I wondered what I missed until Connor declared, “Bad word, Al.” I realized that I used the word “stupid.” Connor continued to scold me, “That’s bad behavior, Al.”

While my bad-word-barometer might be more lenient than Connor’s, I have to say that most curse words sound bad (and taste a little icky), whether they come from a well-behaved three-year-old or an oblivious twenty-four-year-old aunt.

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