Words of Wisdom from the Talent Acquisition Summit

This post was originally published in June 2010 on the Pinstripe Recruitalicious blog.

Last week, I drove all the way from Lombardy Road to good ol’ Lombard, Illinois for the Chicago Talent Acquisition Summit.  Though I’d prefer to withhold this useful information & remain more knowledgeable than the rest, my experience dictates that I share my words of wisdom (or lack thereof).

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An Early-Bird-Kind-of Company: Life Productions, Inc.

Tami Sweeney and I struck up a conversation about social media at a Brewer’s tailgate. I told her about my year long adventure as community manager of social media recruiting for my client. In response, she shared her rather traumatic story of breaking Facebook etiquette rules in front of her mortified daughter. She said to me, “Ali, I need your help with my business.”

Tami is the owner of Life Productions, a video production firm that specializes in marketing videos for businesses, schools and non-profit organizations. With business partner, Louise Berg, the firm showcases their portfolio on YouTube and receives numerous recommendations from former and current clients on LinkedIn. After reviewing this Milwaukee, Wisconsin based company’s social media presence, I responded “Tami, you don’t need me for anything.”

Other organizations can learn from Life Productions’ example:

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Career Maintenance

Over the weekend, I vacuumed two flights of stairs, cleaned the bathrooms and washed the kitchen floor. I also sat down with my copy of Home Maintenance for Dummies and tried to figure out why my toilet sweats more than a marathon runner. Suggestions would still be appreciated.

As I completed my checklist, I wondered if anyone has ever applied the idea of home maintenance to their career. There are certain tasks that need to be completed in order to maintain the current value of your home. If you neglect these tasks, your home will decline in value and you will not see a return on investment.

Examples of career maintenance include the following:

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Are You an Early Bird?

How rude. I didn’t even introduce myself.

I’ve been working in the HR/Staffing & Recruitment industry for five short years. My career began when I was promoted from a “Public Area Attendant” (euphemism for scrubber of toilets & cleaner of dust bunnies every Saturday at 6 AM) to the Human Resources Assistant at a local conference center. After graduation, I took a position at a recruitment company because I thought the lobby looked cool and wanted to be important enough to wear a suit and high heels. At my first recruiter meeting, I wondered what the heck “recks” were and listened to a confusing conversation. Whether I was figuring out how to refill the paper towel dispenser (it’s trickier than you think) or organizing “personal” files (as I called them until corrected), I began with little to no knowledge or skills but eventually became successful and passionate within that particular role.

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