Why I Won’t Teach Pilates Anymore

I was perusing books about Pilates at my local library when one of the librarians shuffled over in her clogs to see if I wanted help. (Yes, people still go to the library. I like silence and books, so I am one of those people.)
I gestured to the open book in my lap, said no with an obligatory smile and noticed her nametag. Flexi.
She lingered and asked, “How long have you been doing Pilates?”
“Four or five years.”I willed Flexi away with my mind. No luck.
“You’re probably at risk for Orthiodosis, then.”
My brain scanned through a repertoire of Pilates postural alignment vocabulary: Lordosis. Kyphosis. Scoliosos. Orthiodosis? She saw my question mark and explained.
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An Early-Bird-Kind-of Event: Be a Piece of the Solution

Be a Piece of the Solution was inspired by a lovely lady named Judy Shanley, whose personal strength and courage along with a few doses of medicine from Dr. Jeff Engelman at Massachusetts General Hospital have enabled her to live with stage four lung cancer for two years. On Friday, September 16th, Dr. Engelman will visit Milwaukee to thank the organization for their donations towards lung cancer research and treatment. One of the originators of Be a Piece of the Solution, Sally Lautmann, says, “Our project is more than just a Friday night party, but a concept that we hope you will help us share with the world.”

With social media, information and ideas become viral with a click of a mouse or tap on an iPad.  While Judy has been travelling between Wisconsin and Massachusetts, her story is transcending state and international borders. The message is going beyond her immediate family, friends and congregation. By harnessing the contagious nature of social media, the people who have chosen to Be a Piece of the Solution will soon be a part of a movement that began as a Facebook event

That you can send, like, share, tweet, post. You can Be a Piece of the Solution, too.