Rules for Being on The Bachelor

My sister & I watch The Bachelor every week. Every time the Chris Harrison asks, “Would you like to date the next bachelor or bachelorette? Go to and click apply.” My sister raises her eyebrows and says, “Ali, this is your chance!”

As you know, I like to make my own rules. And when those don’t work out, I just make my own rules again. I’ve given the idea some thought and have developed a game plan for being on the Bachelor. If I don’t get my shot, maybe you will.

1. Make An Entrance
The “first impression” does go a long way. After all, Ali gave Roberto the first impression rose. Try not to trip on the cobblestone on your way out of the limo. Be sure to think of something clever to say (and try not to make it look too rehearsed). Make him remember you. And make sure you don’t have anything on your butt. He is watching you walk away while desperately trying to remember your name.

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Make Your Own Rules (Again)

I watched the original Sex & the City movie over the weekend. I realized two things: 

  • I still need to get into that “more rigorous” workout routine.
  • I have not been making my own rules when it comes to my career, love and life.

Carrie Bradshaw wanted the big wedding. Her fiancé couldn’t handle it and he abandoned her on their wedding day. I cried while Carrie bashed him over the head with her own wedding bouquet. And I begged her to run away from him at the end of the movie. Instead, she collapsed into his arms in their gigantic closet. Carrie may make her own rules when it comes to fashion and her career, but her ideas of love and relationships were not her own.

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Make Your Own Rules

On the car ride home from seeing Sex and the City 2, I decided two things:

  • I will commit to a more rigorous exercise routine.
  • I will make my own rules in terms of my career, love and life.

These decisions were inspired by Carrie Bradshaw’s unbelievably toned bod and her thorough commitment to be herself.  Even though men and women stared and judged, Carrie walked confidently towards the Abu Dhabi market in a bright purple, poofy skirt. Throughout the movie, she questions society’s standards regarding love and relationships. Although she was tested and almost gave in to peer pressure, she continued to follow the not-so-popular rules she decided to live by, because they were right for her.

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