Are You an Early Bird?

How rude. I didn’t even introduce myself.

I’ve been working in the HR/Staffing & Recruitment industry for five short years. My career began when I was promoted from a “Public Area Attendant” (euphemism for scrubber of toilets & cleaner of dust bunnies every Saturday at 6 AM) to the Human Resources Assistant at a local conference center. After graduation, I took a position at a recruitment company because I thought the lobby looked cool and wanted to be important enough to wear a suit and high heels. At my first recruiter meeting, I wondered what the heck “recks” were and listened to a confusing conversation. Whether I was figuring out how to refill the paper towel dispenser (it’s trickier than you think) or organizing “personal” files (as I called them until corrected), I began with little to no knowledge or skills but eventually became successful and passionate within that particular role.

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