MEB vs. ME

My Own Distinct Voice is more timid than I prefer. I am quiet in a conversation when I should let myself be heard. If I can find the words, there are likes and umms and an undercutting ending of “but…I don’t know.”

As any psychologically stable person would do to cope with such inadequacies, I created an alter ego. Welcome, Miss Early Bird. Her writing voice is so polished and confident, always self-assured. Ah, I envy the hours she spends crafting her response when I have mere seconds to react in real conversation.

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Fiction Friday: The Conversation

[This is Part III of a fiction piece that materialized after reading Writing 101’s prompt: Dark Clouds on the Horizon. To make your reading experience more enjoyable, please read Part I: Letter Afire and Part II: Park Perspective prior to this next part.]

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Twenty Minute Musing

WordPress hosted an online course titled Writing 101: Building a Blogging Habit. This post was written a few days ago and is now being posted as a response to the day one challenge: Unlock the Mind.

I’m going to write for twenty minutes and I am going to stop. WordPress told me that I need to publish this mess after I write it and, instantly, I am petrified. I do not write a blog post in a few minutes or a few hours. The process of writing goes on for days or even months for me. I have “draft” blog posts in my queue from years ago. I could go back and work on them if I am so inspired. So I am asked to unlock the mind and just write.

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