Why Great Grandma is Still Great

grandmaAuthor’s Note: This post is for my family. It is a re-post of the eulogy read at grandma’s funeral one year ago. She is still great and still missed. Her knick knacks sit on shelves and her plants live in sunny corners of my house, comforting me with her memory and presence.

Great Grandma is great because the title in and of itself makes her so. She makes faces at you while you sit on her lap and pull tissues from her sleeve. She proudly watches you play with a bucket full of Legos, decorate her Christmas tree or hide behind her curtains and affirms that you must be “just the cutest thing.” After you leave, she is constantly reminded of you. Your handmaid projects and photos cover her fridge and her dining room hutch and fireplace mantel. Your pictures sit next to her bed and in a rocking chair and even in the living room window, facing outward for her neighbors to see. You are the newest and most exciting part of her family and you are probably her favorite.

If you are her great grandchildren, you know that Great Grandma is great.

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